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Network File Storage (ITNAS—Information Technology Network Attached Storage)

Service Description: 

Highly available, personal or group network file shares that are accessible from anywhere on campus. Features point in time file snapshots and daily backups. Initial quota is 2GB per user, but can be increased upon request. Support SMB and NFS protocols.   

Who Can Request? 

Request can be made by  Faculty, Staff, or Students.

How to Request Service?

To request  a new ITNAS Group Space, please submit a service request.
To report a general ITNAS problem, please submit a service request.  

What Information Do I Need to Fulfill Service Request?  

Affiliation, Group Name (ex: Alumni, Marketing, College Of Art), User UUID (For multiple users or all users of a group), Requested user quota size (ex: 4GB), requests greater than 10GB may require Department Head/Dean approval