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Learn about software available through the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides face-to-face, online, and on campus technical support for the faculty and staff. CTL also provide technical-driven support on enterprise services for students. 


Adobe Connect (umMeet)

The University of Memphis offers a web-based communication tool called Adobe Connect, locally branded as umMeet. Using only a webcam, microphone, and web browser, umMeet allows people to meet, share, and collaborate virtually from their desktop or mobile device. This allows classes or groups to meet synchronously online, with up to 100 participants.



BlueJeans is a cloud-based video conference service. It allows users to conduct live, multi-person conferences from any video-enabled device with internet access.


Clickers - How do I request assistance with Clickers?

Currently, our enterprise solution for clickers is Turning Technologies. Clickers are known as classroom response systems and are remote devices that students can use to respond to questions presented during a class session. The students' answers are received by the instructor's computer, processed by the pre-installed software, and results can be projected to the entire class. The Center for Teaching and Learning can provide assistance with setting up Clickers for a course.


Emerging Technologies - How do I get a consult and training on Emerging Technologies in Teaching?

The University has a continuous commitment to foster student success via pathways of emerging technologies to drive professional and customer-focused services. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) strives to promote effective teaching through a commitment to best practices in instructional design and technology that maximize learning for the University community.


eCourseware (D2L)

eCourseware is the learning management system utilized at the University of Memphis by Desire2Learn (D2L). The system can be used for creating, hosting, and editing online learning resources.



Ensemble is one of the University's video content management systems available to faculty and staff as a tool to help engage the learning community. This platform enables users to organize and manage their own video library, upload video files, and easily share them through multiple sources. The system allows users to easily publish videos to eCourseware, HTML pages, blogs, and other web technologies.Ensemble video is integrated with our learning management system, eCourseware. 


iTunes U

iTunes U is a service that allows departments, faculty, and staff to provide users access to a variety of information content.


myMemphis Portal - What is the myMemphis Portal and how do I get documentation on this service? 

The myMemphis Portal is an online tool that allows you to access many university services from one location. In addition, the portal offers personalized content and individual customization.


Online Proctoring - What is Online Proctoring and how do I get a consult, training and documentation on this service?

The University provides Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) and StudyMate service, which is a custom browser that locks down or restricts the testing environment within the Desire2Learn (eCourseware) platform. When activated, students are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. This service adheres to standards of academic integrity articulated in the University's student conduct policy.


TurnItIn What is TurnItIn and how can faculty get consulting and training on this service?

TurnItIn is an online plagiarism prevention software used to help promote originality in student work, improve student writing and research skills, and encourage collaborative learning.



umBlogs, also know as blogs.memphis.edu provides a place for participants to share experiences, reflect on activities, and publish student creative works through written posts, pictures, videos, links, and comments. Your blog is a reflection of the power that can be created when you combine collaboration, social media and meaningful activity.


umSurvey (Qualtrics) 

umSurvey is a survey tool provided by Qualtrics at the University of Memphis. This service can be used to create, distribute, and analyze surveys. Qualtrics has advanced report capabilities, social media integration and useful collaboration features.


umWiki - What is umWiki and how can faculty and staff get a consult and training on this service? 

umWiki is the University document share and collaboration tool that can be used to create documents, create web pages, and share them with others for viewing and/or editing. umWiki requires an active university account for access. Students are allowed to create pages in their personal wiki space. Students are not allowed to create additional spaces. Faculty and staff are allowed to create as many spaces and pages as they desire. umWiki - https://umwiki.memphis.edu.