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Copy Course Content

Service Description: 

A faculty member can copy course components/content from one course to another. This includes, but is not limited to Quizzes, Dropbox folders, and Widgets. This is a very useful tool for instructors who teach multiple sections of the same course. 

Who Can Request? 

Faculty of Record for both courses.

How to Request Service?

Requester must be Faculty of Record and must self-submit the service request. Please submit an online request. 

What Information Do I Need to Fulfill Service Request?  

Service Request must be submitted by the Faculty of record. The following information must be ready to enter in the Service Request:Affiliation (Faculty, Staff, Student or Other), Primary Course Name (ex. Psyc), Primary Course # (ex. 1234),  Primary Section (ex. 101), Primary Course CRN # ( ex. 12345), Semester Taught, Year Taught.