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How do I request a DA (Department Aide) Account?

Service Description: 

The Department Aide role has been created as an option for departments who wish to have more local control and immediate servicing of their faculty's needs as they teach with eCourseware. Faculty can request that someone be added as a Department Aide. 

Who Can Request? 

Dean or Department Chair.

How to Request Service?

Must Have Chair or Dean Approval. Please submit an online request.

What Information Do I Need to Fulfill Service Request?  

Service Request must be submitted by the Chairman or Dean. Person that is being placed in a DA role must have completed FERPA tutorial and Department Aide orientation. Once the DA has been approved the Center for Teaching and Learning will contact them and schedule the DA Orientation.  The following information must be ready to enter in the Service Request: Affiliation (Faculty, Staff, Student, or Other), Department Chair Name, Department Chair UUID, Assigned DA  Name, Assigned DA Username (UUID or first part of their University email address), Chair Approval.