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How do I request DA (Department Aide) Training?

Service Description: 

Appointed DA’s must attend a two-hour orientation to become familiar with the current policies/practices using the learning management system. During the orientation, the DA will receive access to DA account's username and password. During the orientation, the DA is given access to the entire department's course listing (including any perpetuals or development shells). DAs will be assigned requests for assistance from faculty within their department.
You can also request additional training as a Department Aide  in an eCourseware course. 

Who Can Request? 

Dean or Department Chair.

How to Request Service?

Must Have Chair or Dean Approval. Please submit an online request. 

What Information Do I Need to Fulfill Service Request?  

Service Request must be submitted by the Chairman or Dean. Person that is being placed in a DA role must have completed FERPA tutorial and department aide orientation. To make a service request, include: Affiliation, Department Chair Name, Department Chair UUID, Assigned DA Name, and Assigned DA Username. You must also include the completion of eCourseware Quick Start, FERPA Training completion, and DA Training Date/Time. Note: the Username is the UUID or first part of their University email address. Once the DA has been approved the Center for Teaching and Learning will contact them and set up orientation.