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How do I request a development shell for my course?

Service Description: 

A development shell allows you to create, begin working on or develop content for your course. You may also ask for a perpetual shell. A perpetual shell is an on-going course that is not semester-based; it exists for as long as it is needed.

Who Can Request? 

Faculty of Record or Staff.

How to Request Service?

Requester must be Faculty of Record and must self-submit the service request. Please submit a service request.

What Information Do I Need to Fulfill Service Request?  

Service Request must be submitted by the Faculty of record. To make a service request, please include: Affiliation, Assistant Username, Course name, Course#, Section, Course CRN#, and Semester/Year Taught. (Example: PSYC 1234-101 12345 Fall 2014) Note: The username is the UUID/first part of the University email address.