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How do I request help with creating a discussion in my course?

Service Description: 

eCourseware discussions provides a way for students and faculty to openly interact within the course. Faculty can create a discussion board to facilitate this open conversation between groups of students or the entire class of students. 

Who Can Request? 

Faculty of Record, GA/TA.

How to Request Service?

Requester must be Faculty of Record and must self-submit the service request. Please submit an online request. 

What Information Do I Need to Fulfill Service Request?  

Service Request must be submitted by the Faculty of record. The following information must be ready to enter in the Service Request: Affiliation (Faculty, Staff, Student or Other), Assistant Username (UUID or first part of their University email address), Course name (ex. Psyc), Course # (ex. 1234),  Section (ex. 101), Course CRN # ( ex. 12345), Semester Taught, Year Taught.