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How do I add a secondary instructor?

Service Description: 

You can request that someone be added as a Secondary Instructor in a course. To add an additional person with equal or similar access to your course, you can request a secondary instructor. This person should complete the FERPA tutorial. The most efficient way to add a secondary instructor is to complete a Course Maintenance form. This form is submitted to the Registrar's office. Without using this method, course access may be restricted or escalated for review/approval by a Dean. 

Who Can Request? 

Faculty of Record.

How to Request Service?

Requester must be Faculty of Record and must self-submit the service request. Please submit an online request.

What Information Do I Need to Fulfill Service Request?  

Service Request must be submitted by the Faculty of record. To make a service request, please include: affiliation, Assistant Username, Course name, Course#, Section, Course CRN#, and Semester/Year Taught. (Example: PSYC 1234-101 12345 Fall 2014) Note: The username is the UUID/first part of the University email address. You will also need proof of the assistants FERPA Training Completion. Finally, you need certification that the requested individual is employed as an "Assistant to Instructor" contract. Also include Access needed (e.g. Course content and grades (adding as a TA designer); Grades only (Add as a TA grader). Other options (Clinical, Research, or Service) cannot be used as TA’s. Person being placed in a TA/GA role must have: completed FERPA tutorial, teaching assistant contract, and desired due date.