Preparing for Banner 9

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Status Updates:

Banner 9 Upgrade in the Works.

A major upgrade to Banner is in the works. The new version will provide an updated user interface, an improved experience on mobile devices, and other new features. Initial testing is in process, and training opportunities are planned to begin July 2018.

What is Banner?

Banner is the university's centralized academic and administrative records system. You use Banner when you access myMemphis. With myMemphis, you register for a class, access UofM Online, enter your time, complete payroll, or manage equipment workflow, etc.


Why Upgrade?

Ellucian, the provider of our Banner software, has announced its plan to end support for Banner 8 on December 31, 2018. As a result, the UofM will upgrade to Banner 9.


When Will the Upgrade Begin?

Functional testing is scheduled to begin November 2017*. Banner 9 is scheduled to go live by the end of September 2018*. 

*All dates represented are subject to change and are not firmly set.

banner timeline


Will there be Training?

Yes. Training will occur July 2018 through September 2018. Banner users will have concurrent access to both Banner 8 and 9 beginning October 2018. This gives three months to get comfortable using Banner 9 before Banner 8 sunsets on December 31, 2018.


Who Will be Leading the Upgrade?

A steering committee composed of executives and members of Faculty and Staff Senates are leading the initiative. ITS will perform the technical deployment of the software in the test and production environments. Each Banner module will have a functional team of experts performing testing activities and preparing training material for Banner 9.

Here are some demo videos from the vendor:

Navigation Tutorial
Self Service - Advising Student Profile
Self Service - Student Profile
Self Service - Attendance Tracking
Self Service - Faculty Grade Entry

Note: To view the following videos you will need to enter your email, first and last name, institution.

Admin - Student
Admin - Financial Aid
Admin - Human Resources
Admin - Finance


Will Anything Stay the Same? What will be Different?

What Stays the Same?

Functionality, same forms and form names, field options and field order

What is Different?

There are visual enhancements, new features in pages and portlets, additional system error and warning notifications, improved application navigator, mobile friendly responsive design, and multiple record views.

field comparison