Hardware - Faculty and Staff

Technology Recall:

Microsoft has issued a voluntary recall for Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and some Surface Pro 3 devices. To check if your device is eligible, visit theMicrosoft AC Power Cord Recall website.

For a personal device, Microsoft will ask that you sign in or create an account for communication about the recall process. Note: This is not your University of Memphis account information.

For a University-owned device, contact the IT Service Desk (email: umtech@memphis.edu phone: 901.678.8888 or AskTom Chat. Your LSP will assist with the recall process.


Smart Classroom/Hardware for University

Smart Classroom/Hardware orders can be done through a TAF Request.  If you need Hardware for your personal computer, please continue to view the personal computers topic below.


TAF Requests - Faculty Requests only

What is TAF?

The Technology Access Fee (TAF) is a special fee paid each semester by UofM students to fund student-related technologies at the University of Memphis.

Each year, a large portion of Technology Access Fee funds are spent to purchase computers for the university's TAF labs, located across campus and at its satellite campuses.

Personal Computers

The University of Memphis has negotiated with the hardware vendors below to provide special pricing for personal purchases by faculty and staff. These programs are listed below.

Dell Products

Purchase Dell computers and peripherals at discounted prices.


Apple Products

Receive special pricing on Macintosh computers and select third-party products.