Web Conferencing Solutions

BlueJeans and Adobe Connect are web conferencing tools available for online collaboration and are locally branded under umMedia services. These services allow classes of up to 100 participants to meet at the same time online. Each service has a unique set of features. To learn more about how to use the web conferencing solutions, visit umMedia.

Adobe Connect may be used by your instructor for presentations and sharing content related to the course.

BlueJeans allows your instructor to conduct live, multi-person video conferences from any video-enabled device with internet access.

Where Do I Begin?

  • Computer Test

    • For Adobe Connect: Prior to the first umMeet session, you will need to complete the computer test. This test will check a computer for its compatibility with Adobe Connect. It is highly recommended to complete the test a few days in advance in case there is a problem. If a problem is detected, troubleshooting tips are available on the computer test website.

    • For BlueJeans: No testing necessary! Just be sure you have a strong web connection and a well-lit area free from noise and other distractions.

  • Classroom link: 

    • Instructors using umMeet will send students an invitation to join to your UofM email account.

    • Instructors using BlueJeans will send students an invitation to join your UofM email account.

Helpful Tips

  • Give yourself plenty of time to connect. If you're in a hurry and trying to connect for the first time, you may run into trouble.

  • If you're not speaking during the session, it may help to turn your microphone off to prevent background noise/feedback.

  • Video and phone connections are options. Be sure to understand what features your instructor expects you to use. For example, if video is required, and your computer doesn't have a camera, you will need to use another device.


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