Recommended Hardware/Software for Students

What do you need for success in your classes right now? Below is a list of recommended equipment and their specifications. If you believe you need to update your technology, you may want to bookmark this page on your mobile device and reference it when you're ready to select the most appropriate equipment. Remember, these recommendations are minimum to average. You can always go for the larger specifications based on what your budget and computing need.


Microsoft Office is available at a discount for UoM students. Or as a Microsoft email user, through Office 365.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is free for students to viewing, printing, and annotating PDFs.

Also visit our Software page.


Some colleges and majors have specific computing requirements. Be sure to consult your college about technology before buying new hardware or software.

Processor/CPU: 2GHz or higher, at least dual-core
RAM: 8GB or more
Hard Drive: 256GB or more
Display: 20" or larger
Operating System: (MAC) OS X Sierra, (PC) Windows 10