Changing Course Offering Names

DA Instructions for Manually Changing Course Offering Names

1.  Locate your courses using the 'Course Management' feature.

course management feature


2.  Under 'Find Course Offerings', enter the Department Code or CRN in the 'Search For' field and click 'Search'. To narrow your search, select a date range under 'Search Options'.

find course offerings


3.  You should now see your search results. Select the course in question. To keep your search results displayed, you can 'right-click' and 'open link in new tab'.

course offerings display


4.  While in the new tab, click on 'Edit Course', then click 'Course Offering Information'.

edit course


5.  You will now see the Course Offering Information, including the existing Course Offering Name.

course offering information


6.  Under 'Course Offering Name', you will add the Course Prefix, Code and Section* AFTER the Course Title, then 'Save'. Your new Course Offering Name should follow the format below:

(COURSE TITLE) (space) (dash) (space) (COURSE PREFIX) (space) (COURSE CODE) (space) (COURSE SECTION)
Intro to Microeconomics – ECON 2010 001

course offering information


*To locate the section number of your course, go to your Classlist, and change the 'View By' criteria to 'Sections' and click 'Apply'. This will display the Course section as shown below.

changed course offering information


7.  Save your changes and the new Title will be displayed beneath 'Course Offering Information'. In addition, the Header will automatically include the new Name, followed by the CRN and Term Code.

changed course offering information


8.  Once you have completed the name change, place a service request so that the CTL staff can track name changes and double check to verify everything has been done correctly. Please be sure to fill one out for each course name change you complete (you can enter up to five courses per ticket). This will allow us to keep up with and report the number of course name changes in our system.