Department Aide Role Overview

Purpose of the Department Aide Role

The Department Aide role has been created as an option for departments who wish to have more local control and immediate servicing of their faculty's needs as they teach with eCourseware, our official UofM online learning management service. eCourseware is powered by Desire2Learn, often referred to as D2L.

Because of the significant permissions of the Department Aide role in eCourseware, individuals with access to this account should understand the appropriate use of the authority granted with access to all the courses within their department. FERPA mandates that users should guard all forms of student course information from any misuse.Additionally, serious technical issues can arise if Department Aides override information fed from UofM's information system Banner, which controls the creation and population of all courses taught through our university.

Common Functions Available to Department Aide

  1. Managing Department Special Courses

    1. Creating special courses modifying course titles

    2. Modifying course dates

    3. Helping faculty share course content

  2. Managing Department Special Enrollments

    1. Enrolling faculty and students in development and special courses

    2. Changing a student's enrollment for incomplete course work

    3. Impersonating specific users to troubleshoot course issues.

  3. Locating Help Resources

    1. The DA should not become the eCourseware technical Service Desk for all students and faculty within their department.

    2. Please direct users to use the umTech at 901.678.8888 for most technical eCourseware issues.

Preparation for Department Aides

The following are requirements for each person appointed to be Department Aide.

  1. Department Chair/Dean Appointment - If a department chair chooses to use the Department Aide role within a department, they should request that the CTL create a DA account for them. Usually the account will have a user name of da.[department name]; e.g., da.history. The chair will then appoint a staff or faculty within the department to have access to the DA account

  2. Department Aide Orientation - The appointed DA must attend an one-two hour orientation to become familiar with the current policies and practices using the learning management system. During the orientation, the DA will receive access to DA account username/password.

Additional Information

For any additional questions, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning or submit a service request.