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The Center for Teaching and Learning provides face-to-face, online, and on campus technical support for the faculty and staff. We also provide technical-driven support on enterprise services for students. Our continuous commitment to student success is proven through our focus to provide professional, customer-focused services.

Temporary Naming Convention in eCourseware

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A temporary naming convention began in Summer 2017, the naming convention now contains the course title, followed by the CRN (Course Registration Number), the year, and the two-digit semester code. (i.e.: 17th-century French Literature - 95986.201780) While Banner and eCourseware both use the same format for identifying UofM for-credit courses, the naming format within eCourseware no longer reflects the course prefix and number within the displayed name. For best results when searching for courses within eCourseware, remember to use the CRN, year and two-digit semester code! If you are an eCourseware DA (Departmental Aide) or a faculty member follow this link for directions on changing your course names.

ITS Launching New Wireless Access Pilot

Information Technology Services (ITS) is launching a new wireless access network pilot with an additional layer of security. Effective Aug. 14, uofm-secure will provide wireless users enhanced security for passwords and protection of University data. ITS welcomes your participation and cooperation in helping to keep both you and the University more secure with improved encryption. Existing UofM and uofm-guest wireless networks remain in place while the new uofm-secure network is tested. The need for two older networks will be addressed during the fall semester. To learn more visit our uofm-secure wireless page.

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