iClicker REEF

iClicker REEF is a mobile engagement system that allows instructors to present with any software and send images and polling questions to student devices. Students can access iClicker REEF through a Web Browser or by downloading either the IOS app or the Android app from Google Play, and also review session history as a study guide outside of class. With REEF, multiple choice, numeric, and show-answer questions are easy to setup within the REEF instructor software.

Where Do I Begin? – Faculty

iClicker REEF Instructor Software

Download the instructor software from iClicker.com

Setup Grade Sync with eCourseware (D2L): If you would like to sync your grades with eCourseware, a iClicker REEF integration request should be submitted. Be sure to provide your class section, term, and the LMS Grade sync link for each course.

Once you courses are connected to eCourseware(D2L) view the Instructor Quick Start Guide.

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iClicker REEF Instructor Resources

iClicker REEF Instructor Workshops

Where do I Begin? – Student

iClicker REEF lets you use your laptop, smart phone, or tablet to answer questions in class and review the material afterwards.

  1. View the iClicker REEF  Student Quick Start Guide.

  2. Extend your iClicker REEF subscription. (Students start with a free 14-day trial)

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iClicker REEF Student Resources

 iClicker REEF FAQ

Can any IClicker student remote (ic, ic+, and ic2) be used with a iClicker REEF account?

  • Yes, REEF supports all models of iClicker remotes. Students can purchase a iClicker remote online.

Do students using a clicker need to buy a REEF Polling subscription?

  • No, students exclusively using an iClicker remote to vote will not need to purchase a subscription to participate in polls. However, students need to create a iClicker REEF account, add their clicker ID to their profile, and join the course in order for the instructor to identify their clicker votes.

 How much does a iClicker REEF subscription cost?

  • Students start with a free 14-day trial but need to purchase subscription time to continue using iClicker REEF to vote with their mobile device and view their course session histories. Purchase options include the following:

    • 6-month (180 days) for $14.99
    • 1-year (365 days) for $23.99
    • 2-year (730 days) for $32.99
    • 4-year (1460 days) for $47.99

Can students voting with a clicker review their session history in iClicker REEF?

  • Yes, students with an active iClicker REEF subscription can review all past session questions through their iClicker REEF account, including seeing their responses, even if they voted with a clicker instead of using the iClicker REEF app.

Additional Information

If you need further assistance, the ITS Service Desk is available 24/7 at 901.678.8888.