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Teaching and Learning Media Services for the University of Memphis

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Audio/Video - Capture, Record, Present




  • eCourseware (D2L) integration

  • Upload audio and video files

  • Great for a novice or intermediate user




  • Upload, manage, and record media - capture a presentation and speaker simultaneously

  • Live streaming capability

  • Great for an intermediate or advanced user


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iTunes U


  • Enables departments, faculty, and staff the ability to provide a collection of information and/or educational content.

  • Enables users to provide continuous access to course material, information, multimedia content, and more.

Video Conferencing



  • Web conferencing service

  • Adobe Connect

  • Meet synchronously online at the same time or in sub-groups (with up to 100 participants)




  • A "cloud-based" video conferencing system. 

  • Mobile and Browser Integration

  • Meeting Recording

  • Meet synchronously online at the same time or in sub-groups (with up to 100 participants)