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Family and Consumer Sciences Course Descriptions

Due to possible changes in graduation requirements, it is the responsibility of the student to see his or her advisor for updates.

CSED 2004. Technical Skills for Home Furnishings. (3).
Students interested in housing, home furnishing, and related areas focus on varied program of technical skills involving 2-point perspective sketches and drafting freehand and with computer. For Family and Consumer Science majors who lack skills necessary to demonstrate concepts of depicting home furnishing interiors.

CSED 2005. Introduction to Fashion Merchandising. (3).
Introduction to the types of enterprises, activities, operations, interrelationships, and practices in fashion industry; emphasis on merchandising terminology and techniques.

CSED 2101. The Family in Global Perspective. (3).
Introduction to family as a primary, global, social institution; contributions sociology, anthropology, and Family and Consumer Science have made to understanding how and why family systems vary worldwide and common bonds and problems facing families in modern societies. [G]

CSED 2106. Visual Merchandising. (3).
Theory and practice in visual merchandising (display); especially retail interior and window display techniques, display creation, planning promotions, and determining budgets.

CSED 3104. Housing and Related Arts. (3). (2104).
Elements and principles of design applied to selection of housing and related home furnishings.

CSED 3204. Residential Kitchen Planning. (3). (Same as ART 3204).
Design aspects of residential kitchens and their relationship to housing; basic kitchen planning principles based on NKBA guidelines, trends in socio-economic, multi-cultural, universal design; selection, use, care of appliances. PREREQUISITE: CSED 3104, or permission of instructor.

CSED 3206. Merchandising Systems. (3).
Analysis of formulas used to plan and control the flow of merchandise through the use of both computer and manual systems. PREREQUISITE: Satisfactory completion of the General Education mathematics requirements. Accounting also recommended. [C]

CSED 3302. Child and Adolescent Development. (3). (Same as EDPR 3302).
Principles and processes of child and adolescent development applied to education. Required clinical experiences outside of class. PREREQUISITE: EDPR 2111.

CSED 3401. Parenthood Education. (3).
Parental role, parent-child relationship, and factors that influence parenthood.

CSED 4101-6101. Preschool Curriculum. (3).
Application of child development principles to program planning; infancy through four years of age.

CSED 4106. Trends and Issues in the Profession. (3).
Senior capstone seminar that applies synergistic thinking to integrative discipline of home economics and specializations that make up the discipline; changing trends, issues, and technology affecting today's family and consumer sciences professional; professional orientation and leadership skills critiqued and enhanced in oral and written activities [W, I]

CSED 4204-6204. Furnishings Problems and Presentations. (3).
Critical thinking and problem solving related to planning, coordinating, and purchasing of home furnishings. Two lecture hours, one lab hour per week. PREREQUISITE: CSED 2004, 4304.

CSED 4205-6205. Behavioral Science Aspects of Clothing. (3).
Interdisciplinary study of clothing and appearance; concepts, methodologies, and applications of behavioral science to clothing.

CSED 4211-4217. Readings. (1-3).
For Senior Consumer Science majors. In-depth reading or research in area of specialization. PREREQUISITE: Senior Consumer Science majors only.

CSED 4211. Readings in Child Development and Family Relations.

CSED 4213. Readings in Family Economics and Consumer Education.

CSED 4214. Readings in Housing and Home Furnishings.

CSED 4215. Readings in Clothing and Textiles.

CSED 4216. Readings in Fashion Merchandising.

CSED 4217. Readings in Family and Consumer Science Education.

CSED 4300-6300. Family Resource Management. (3).
Investigates values, goals, and human and material resources necessary for individuals and families to make informed management decisions throughout the life span.

CSED 4304-6304. Trends in Housing and Home Furnishings. (3).
Major trends and influences on contemporary residential furnishings as these affect home furnishings merchandising.

CSED 4383-6383. Materials and Methods in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. (3).
Methods in high school subjects with an emphasis in Consumer Science and Education Instruction. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

CSED 4393-6393. Occupational Methods in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. (3).
Special emphasis on instructional strategies and evaluation through classroom and on-site participation. PREREQUISITE: CSED 4383 and permission of instructor.

CSED 4405-6405. Textiles. (3).
Selection, use, and care of textiles related to properties of fibers, yarn structures, fabric construction, and finishes Morphology and chemistry of fibers, finishes, dyes, fabric maintenance, and procedure involved in fiber, yarn, and fabric identification. PREREQUISITE: CSED 2005, 2004, or permission of instructor.

CSED 4600. Senior Seminar in Family and Consumer Sciences. (3).
Concentrated study of factors influencing the transitional process from career academics to career implementation. PREREQUISITE:  required coursework in concentration/ minor. COREQUISITE: UNIV 4110, 4995, or PADM 4231.

CSED 4900-4906/6900-6906. Consumer Science Study Tour. (1-3).
On-the-scene knowledge about specific academic areas of specialization within Consumer Science and Education. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor. Maximum of 6 credit hours for degree program.

CSED 4900-6900. Study Tour in Consumer Science and Education.

CSED 4904-6904. Study Tour: Housing and Home Furnishings.

CSED 4906-6906. Study Tour: Fashion Merchandising.

CSED 4920-29-6920-29. Special Topics in Consumer Science and Education. (1-3).
Lectures and conferences covering selected areas of current interest. See online class listings for topics. May be repeated; credit applicable to degree is limited.

CSED 4940-49. Workshop in Family and Consumer Science and Education. (1-3).
Group study related to specific phases of family and consumer education. May be repeated.

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