Strategic Leadership

The Master of Professional Studies degree with a concentration in Strategic Leadership prepares students to lead in today's rapidly changing professional environment. This graduate professional studies degree consists of 33 hours of interdisciplinary coursework in the areas of leadership, communication, strategic planning and assessment, organizational structure, and research/data analysis.

Program Requirements

Students enrolled in the MPS degree will complete 9 credit hours of core courses; 21 credit hours in the concentration; and 3 credit hours in the culminating project for a total of 33 credit hours.

A. Core Courses: The MPS Core is required of all students, and consists of the following three courses.

PRST 7100 Professional Environment: Issues and Ethics 3 credits
PRST 7200 Globalization and the Professions 3 credits
PRST 7300 Research Methods 3 credits


B.Concentration Requirements: Students will complete seven of the following courses, including at least one course from each of the five subject areas. (21 credit hours)

Leadership Theory

PRST 7500 Foundations of Leadership 3 credits
ELPA 7560 Small Group Leadership 3 credits

Research/Data Analysis

PRST 7770 Computer-Based Decision Modeling (Prerequisite: PRST 7300) 3 credits
PRST 7600 Statistical Analysis 3 credits

Organizational Structure and Change

PRST 7310 Leadership in Organization 3 credits
PRST 7800 Organizational Skills and Development 3 credits

Strategic Planning and Assessment

PRST 7105 Project Planning and Scheduling 3 credits
PRST 7040 Human Resources Management 3 credits


COMM 7110 Leadership and Communication 3 credits
JOUR 7450 Public Relations Management 3 credits
PRST 7700 Conflict Management and Negotiation 3 credits


C. Professional Project: The Master of Professional Studies program requires every student to complete a professional project as the culminating experience in earning the degree. (3 credit hours)

PRST 7998 *Professional Project  3 credits

*A professional project proposal must be submitted to and approved by the Graduate Studies Coordinator before the PRST 7998 permit will be issued.

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