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 Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services
Students pursuing this degree typically provide services to those disabled by alcohol and drug abuse, including abusers, families, friends, colleagues, and associates. Areas of study include alcohol and drug abuse, social, administrative services and other courses relevant to this concentration.
 Information Technology ◊
This concentration will provide students an understanding of fundamentals in administrative leadership in the technological fields, national and international technological development and communication; and gain skills in information systems, statistical methods, formal and interpersonal communication, including team and organizational relations.
 Child Development
In addition to core courses based on early childhood development, the guidelines of this concentration contain course work designed to develop skills and knowledge of the historical, social, cultural, and educational contexts of the field.
 International Organizational Leadership ◊
Students will study the nature of bureaucratic organizations and the fundamentals of administrative leadership; reflect upon national and international organizational context and upon significant social and cultural issues raised in those contexts; and gain skills in formal and interpersonal communication.
 Dance Education
This concentration prepares dance professionals in the area of performance, choreography, and pedagogy with emphasis on modern, ballet, and jazz technique; dance improvisation and composition; dance in the schools and in community settings; dance history; and movement analysis.
 Law Enforcement Administration
Experienced law enforcement professionals can increase their skills in management, organizational relations, and communication; their knowledge of law enforcement administration; understanding of workplace issues that can affect productivity; and their ability to manage diversity in the workforce.
 Disability Studies & Rehabilitation Services
This concentration will provide students an understanding of the social, psychological, economic, physical, medical, and other environmental problems faced by individuals seeking disability services.
 Nonprofit Development & Administration
Students will examine how nonprofit organizations serve the community, learn about their operation and their constituencies, and will improve or develop administrative skills in order to work in the nonprofit sector.
 Merchandising - Apparel and Accessory
Industry overview, financial planning and purchasing, visual presentation, color selection and coordination, textile identification, clothing characteristics, entrepreneurship and personal and professional development are all program components in this concentration.
 Organizational Leadership ◊
Our Organizational Leadership concentration promotes understanding of bureaucratic organizations and the fundamentals of administrative leadership. Students will explore national and international organizational contexts and significant social and cultural issues raised in those contexts; and learn skills in formal and interpersonal communication.
 Health Services Administration
Experienced health care professionals can build upon their training and experience in this concentration with courses in business practice, administration, interpersonal skills, policy, risk management, social context of health care, and financial management.
 Paralegal Studies
Students interested in the paralegal profession will acquire professional knowledge and skills necessary to perform substantive legal work under the direction and supervision of an attorney, private law office, corporate, and government agency settings.
 Home Furnishings Merchandising
Students studying Home Furnishings Merchandising will provide services and expertise for housing and home furnishings, including the selection of housing, appropriate colors and textiles, space planning and room arrangement, residential kitchen planning, and marketing aspects as related to any area in residential planning, and entrepreneurship.
 Preschool & Childcare Administration
In addition to coursework in early childhood professional studies, this concentration emphasizes developing skills in fiscal management, recruiting and hiring personnel, health and safety management, board relations, marketing and public relations, and understanding the role of a liaison in professional associations and regulatory agencies.
 Human Services
Students in this concentration will study philosophical orientation to the human condition; understand social structures, values and norms; human growth and development; and research social change and social and bureaucratic organizations.
 Technology Management Services
This concentration will provide experienced technicians additional skills in management, organizational relations, and communication; understanding of workplace issues that can affect productivity; and their ability to manage diversity in the workforce.
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 Asian Studies & International Trade
This concentration will provide students with the opportunity to pursue coursework in business and economics, foreign language, area studies, as well as a study abroad experience.
 Interdisciplinary Studies ◊
Students have the opportunity to tailor make a degree program around a particular interest or career goal the other majors at the university do not meet.
 Judaic Studies
Bornblum Judaic Studies explores the experience of the Jewish people within the contexts of world cultures in a non-theological orientation.
 Religion in Society
Historical understanding of the place of religion in society, and social/individual dimensions of religious experience are areas of emphasis in this concentration.


 Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services
This interdisciplinary minor examines societal alcohol and drug abuse from the perspectives of anthropology, counseling, criminal justice, psychology, and sociology.
 Child Development
This interdisciplinary minor will attract students with majors in education, human services, nonprofit administration, psychology, social work, and related areas.
 American Studies
American Studies examines the culture and society of the United States, with focus on how Americans express their basic values and give meaning to their institutions and everyday social practices.
 Religion in Society
Students in this minor will examine the role of religion in society as seen from the perspectives of cultural and social organizations; of history and philosophy; of art and music.

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