Bachelor of Liberal Studies

Students majoring in Liberal Studies will select one of the following concentrations or create an individualized program of study through the Baccalaureate Contract Program.

Asian Studies & International Trade

This concentration will provide students with the opportunity to pursue coursework in business and economics, foreign language, area studies, as well as a study abroad experience.

Religious Studies
Designed for students with a diversity of backgrounds and interests in religion, this concentration is a traditional liberal arts field that helps students to develop skills in critical thinking, the analysis of complex issues, and oral and written expression.

Judaic Studies
Bornblum Judaic Studies explores the experience of the Jewish people within the contexts of world cultures in a non-theological orientation.


American Studies
American Studies examines the culture and society of the United States, with focus on how Americans express their basic values and give meaning to their institutions and everyday social practices.

Religion in Society
Students in this minor will examine the role of religion in society as seen from the perspectives of cultural and social organizations; of history and philosophy; of art and music.