The Department of Sociology in the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Memphis is proud to offer the online Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. The degree requires a total of 120 credit hours.

Students in the degree program work closely with the departmental academic advisor to design a program of study that makes the best use of faculty expertise in such areas as social, racial, ethnic, and income inequality, family, medical, educational and urban sociology, deviant behavior and social problems, and the methodology of social research.

A student may complete this degree entirely online, by combining online courses with courses offered at The University of Memphis campus, or by combining University of Memphis courses (online and on campus) with a limited number of approved courses transferred from other institutions (see the program link above).

Students who successfully complete the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology develop the major skill set identified by the American Sociological Association as resume assets: conducting research and analyzing data, skillful communication, critical thinking skills, a global perspective, and preparation for graduate school.