2017-2018 Members

College of Arts and Sciences

Deborah Tollefsen, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Arts and Sciences

Pilar Alcalde, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Spanish

James Campbell, Ph.D., Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Helen Sable, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Psychology

College of Business and Economics


Judith Brown, M.S., Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems

College of Communication and Fine Arts

Laurie Snyder, M.A., Assistant to the Dean for Undergraduate Programs

Sandra Utt, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Journalism

College of Education

 Jennifer Nelson, Ph.D., Associate Director of Teacher Education

Herff College of Engineering

Russ Deaton, Ph.D., Associate Dean Academic Affairs and Administration 

Eddie Jacobs, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Loewenberg School of Nursing

Shirleatha T. Lee, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Nursing


 Lawrence Weiss, Ed.D., Professor, Health Studies


 Michael Hutchinson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Sport Commerce

University College

Joanne Gikas, Ph.D., Assistant Dean

Loretta Rudd, Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor, Child Development

Academic Counseling Center

Carl Chando, Ph.D. (ex officio), Director, Academic Counseling Center

University Honors Program

Melinda Jones, Ph.D. (ex officio), Director, Helen Hardin University Honors Program

Faculty Senate

Jeffrey Marchetta, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Academic Affairs (ex officio members)

Richard Irwin, Ed.D., (chair) Vice Provost for Academic Innovation and Support Services

Karen Thurmond, Dirctor, Academic Advising and Degree Planning

Darla Keel, Vice Provost, Enrollment Services (Registrar)

TBA, Student Representative, Student Government Association

Angela S. Kuykendoll, Recorder