Additional Grants and Scholarships for Veterans

  • Student Veterans of America STEM
    • The Student Veterans of America offers a list of different resources

  • Pat Tillman Foundation
    • Founded in 2008, the Tillman Scholars program supports our nation's active-duty service members, veterans and military spouses by investing in their higher education. Since the program's inception, the Foundation has invested over $6 million in scholarships for 347 scholars nationwide.

  • AMVETS Scholarships for veterans and family (Children and grandchildren)
    • AMVETS annually awards scholarships to veterans/active military, their sons, daughters or grand-children. A son, daughter or grandchild of a deceased veteran is also eligible. Awarded on the basis of academic excellence and financial need, the scholarships go to deserving high school seniors, high school JROTC students and veterans pursuing a higher education.

  • Folds of Honor Scholarship
    • The Folds of Honor Foundation offers college scholarships for spouses and children of service members disabled in action or killed in action in Iraq or Afghanistan. Applications may be submitted in advance for children who will not need the scholarship for several years. Scholarship amounts are determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Hope for the Warriors
    • HOPE FOR THE WARRIORS(tm), offers multiple scholarships to U.S. military spouses of wounded service members and Fallen Warriors.

  • North American Van Lines Logistic Scholarship
    • Any serviceman, veteran, or military dependent (spouse or child) majoring in logistics, business, or management can apply for this scholarship. In summary, the scholarship will award two students with a $1,000 dollars each to the school of their choice. There are a few entry and eligibility requirements, all of which can be found under the above link.

  • National Military Family Association
    • The National Military Family Association Scholarship Fund awards scholarships for Military spouses. Applications, when available, are posted on their website.

  • National Military Family Association Scholarships & grants
  • For spouse and family members
    • A list of different resources

  • Military spouse scholarships
    • Military families make extraordinary sacrifices, and it is difficult for civilian families to truly understand the hardships they endure. While there is no way to truly repay them for their service, there are some rewards that can help to ease their burdens. Scholarships are one way of giving back to the families of military service members, and to provide much needed financial assistance for the spouses and children of service-men and women as they pursue a college education.

      Scholarships for military spouses take a variety of different forms, and are supported by the various branches of the military, as well as Federal and state governments. Some scholarships target the wives and husbands of currently serving military personnel. Others are dedicated to the spouses of service members who have been killed or disabled in service to their country. The wide range of scholarships for military spouses are designed to help military family members pursue their college education. It is a small way of giving back to the military community, and it helps thousands of men and women every year to achieve their college ambitions.

  • Financial aid for Veterans and family members
    • A list of different resources