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Founding fathers signing the constitution of the United States
Constitution Day

Constitution Day, 2014

David Rudd

Political turmoil and unrest around the world provides us an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the U.S. Constitution in the lives of all Americans.  Every four years our nation repeats the process of selecting the country’s executive leader, the President.  Thousands of elections are held to select an array of political leadership ranging from city aldermen to governors to the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.  The elected officials, empowered and constrained by the U.S. Constitution, go to work to forge and implement policies expressed by their constituents throughout the election process.

It is easy to take this document for granted, a governing structure that allows a nation to peacefully change its leadership, select policy directions, and continue to provide the freedom for all to express their ideas without the need for, or fear of, public violence.  As we look around the world, violence and political oppression are evident across the globe.  Our nation is truly blessed. 

The U.S. Constitution aims to guarantee rights to individuals, establish the responsibilities of government, and assure free and periodic elections.  While radical and visionary at the time of its adoption, our constitution continues to work.  Read more about the U.S. Constitution on our website.

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The American Constitution Society, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law, would like to remind the University family that our Constitution is a living document, and challenge people to celebrate that life by tweeting, posting, and otherwise sharing clauses with the world on Constitution Day. Share the portion of this phenomenal document that you think is most powerful, salient, relevant, or in need of more attention. Remind those who may not have read the words of our Constitution in some time just how powerful it really is!

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“What Would the Founding Fathers Think?”

Scott P. Marler
Associate Professor, History
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