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Want the WOW mobile to visit you?

Here are some things to know before requesting the WOW mobile to visit your school, camp or festival.

Schools, Camps and Festivals:

  • The WOW is available to public, private and home schools, as well as educational groups such as those who offer fall and spring break camps, and community festivals.
  • A minimum of a week's notice is needed to request the WOW.

What to Expect:

  • The WOW will be staffed by Center for Applied Earth Science and Engineering Research (CAESER) employees and students. The WOW staff will work with teachers and students to ensure that students learn about water in a productive and safe manner. Teachers are expected stay with their classes during the WOW experience.
  • Knowing that each school has different needs to accommodate, the WOW staff will work with a teacher or teachers to create a plan before the WOW arrives on a school's campus.
  • The WOW is aimed at students in grades 4, 5 and 6, but it may be suitable for other grades.
  • Each presentation is 20-45 minutes, depending upon the size of each class and how many classes will tour the WOW.
  • No food or drinks are allowed inside the WOW.


  • There is a flat day fee of $100 for the WOW to visit, along with a travel fee.
  • Within Shelby County, there is a $10 gasoline fee.
  • Outside of Shelby County, a travel fee of 47 cents per mile will be charged (subject to change), to and from the University of Memphis campus.


A school will not be charged until after the completion of a WOW visit. Once the WOW has completed its visit, the University of Memphis will invoice your organization. A Form W-9 needs to be provided to CAESER prior to being invoiced as well as the following information: 

  • Name of requesting person and organization
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number (If applicable)
  • FEIN (Federal ID Number)
  • Completed Form W-9 
  • Email address if possible

Refund policy:  We will reimburse basic cost plus travel, but extras are non-refundable. 

Extras include the aquifer in a cup activity, which is $10 for 30 students.


  • The WOW is an open air vehicle. There is no air conditioning or heating. Because it is designed to be open during its use, it cannot be used during rain. Should a school schedule the WOW and there is rain, a WOW visit will be rescheduled.
  • Please make sure your students dress appropriately for the weather since they will be inside and outside of the WOW during a typical 30-minute presentation.
  • If requesting during summer months, please be advised that the interior of the WOW will most likely be extremely hot. 

WOW Parking and Set-Up:

  • The WOW is a 24' trailer and needs to be parked on a level surface. Electrical access within 100' - 200' is needed. The WOW is pulled by a large truck. A total of at least 54' is needed to park the WOW and truck.
  • The trailer is 8'6" wide and 8'6" in height. 

Wheelchair Access:

  • The WOW is wheelchair accessible.


  • For more information about the Water on Wheels (WOW) mobile, email or call 901.678.4229.