watershed exhibit water on wheels

A Teacher's Perspective

"There were actually a few parts that my kids seemed to enjoy the most and seemed to stick with them.

I used the Water on Wheels mobile as an introduction to our beginning to talk about the water cycle, and I really think the 3D model and manipulative of the water cycle really stuck with them. It was something that made what we were talking about real for them.

Another part that was really valuable was the display where they got to see how much water is wasted when we do certain things, like flush a toilet or take a shower and leave the water running. I had shown them a video about water conservation beforehand, but I really think that the manipulative gave them something real to look at.

Finally, I think that just my class seeing where their water came from in the display of the Memphis skyline made everything we were talking about have so much more relevance to them.

I also think they enjoyed feeling that they had an "expert" to talk to and to be able to ask questions about."

Briana Woods, St. George's Independent School, Memphis, Tennessee

What the students thought and more

Hear what Ms. Woods' students had to say by watching this short video clip.

DeSoto County Likes the WOW, Too

The WOW mobile worked with the DeSoto County Soil and Water Conservation District twice in 2014 and again in 2015.  The organizers of these events sent a note to WOW educators Mary DuBose and James Eason after their second appearance:

thank you note from DeSoto County