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WebDev Meeting Minutes for May 27, 2003 Related Topics:

WebDev Meeting Minutes for May 27, 2003

Notes from Web Developers meeting 05/27/03

Secure forms

It is time to revisit secure forms. We discussed the FCBE graduationform.asp. The SSN was identified as secure data.

Secure data should come in on a secured server port so that data from the client browser to U of M web server is encrypted. To establish a secured port, a digital certificate must be installed. A port will be identified and configured in the web server as secure (https). The person maintaining the server makes the server secure by keeping certificates and SSL up to date.

We need to identify all secure data as a group and monitor U of M forms that contain this data. SSN, password, and credit card information has been identified as secure. This list will be maintained by Web Developers group.

It is desired that we have a central server to store encrypted credit card information. Some departments are hesitant to accept credit card information over the web due to security risks. We need components to handle secure data. The components need to be shared through out the university.

Servers compromised

Last week a Windows server was breached. The server was at the current patch level and still was hatched. The Art slide show from CCFA uses FTP for access. This led to the breach.

AskTOM is still not available from off campus. The redirects are being corrected by Allecia and Allison. The AskTOM virtual server created (AskTom2) is not responding.

A vendor arched the wires that are input to the UPS. This tripped a breaker and all systems in operations lost power. The start scripts were tested last week. The Documentum server scripts failed to bring up the server. It is still down and scripts are being reviewed.

Major Projects

Luminis Allecia went to training last week for CMS Administrator. It is now time for manual reading and rolling up the sleeves.

In July www forms will go into production using Luminis. A freshman diary form will be in production in September.

Major Projects (cont.)

umDrive Fall 2003 rollout is planned for this product.

There was a slow down reported last week. The reason for the slow down has not been determined. A restriction on bandwidth or timeshare needs to be identified.

A decision of how to publicize umDrive availability is being made. Some possibilities are automatic link to umDrive for students from TigerLAN PCs or an icon like AskTOM from U of M webpages.

There are some unknowns with sharing and ticketing that need to be resolved prior to production.

AskTOM Live chat is in testing at the help desk. There is low volume now. This is a java applet running at the RightNow site. There are issues with the JRE.

John Wilkes and the help desk team will have the final word for moving Live Chat into productions.

The benefits of using AskTOM chat instead of other chat engines are that it is one-stop shopping and the ability to push content (answers) to the client.

Summer Meetings

Two of the meetings in the Summer have space conflicts. The next meeting will be the 4th Tuesday of June, location TBA.

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