WebDev Meeting Minutes for June 9, 2010

We will meet today at 1:30 in SC315.  Here are the agenda items:

Hope to see you then!

Karen Bell
System Analyst I
IT Enterprise Application Services
University of Memphis
(901) 678-4274

FYI: LCMS Statistics:
  • 372 web sites
  • 11900 web pages
  • 34365 web documents (other than web pages)
  • 2923 xhtml components


Content Expiration in the LCMS:

Default expiration for LCMS Web content is 365 days and for Web documents, expiration is set to 999 days. Web content should be reviewed at least once a year. Content Manager role is the only role that receives e-mail notifications of Expiring Content or Expired Content.

Creating LightBox slideshows via XML in the LCMS:

LightBox example: see 2008-2009 Study Abroad Photo Contest. For further details about incorporating LightBox for your LCMS sites / pages, please contact Marketing Web.

LCMS upgrade status:

LCMS 3.4.1 upgrade was unsuccessful. Plans are to wait for Version 3.4.2 due out very soon and to upgrade to this version. The new version will incorporate a new editor, called CKEditor.