WebDev Meeting Minutes for March 9, 2011

The Web Developers will meet today at 1:30 in SC315. 

Here are the agenda items:

We hope to see you this afternoon!

Karen Bell

Rational Policy Tester

Reviewed IBM Policy Tester misspelling reports. Plan of action items:

  1. Clean up obvious valid misspellings via report sent to WebDev and LSP users. Have corrections complete by April 13th, (next WebDev meeting),
  2. Re-run U of M collection again, review updated reports and send new reports to users.
  3. Users send requested additions / modifications of misspellings to Allecia Powell and Web Services to include in IBM's Custom Dictionary. Custom Dictionary will be updated to reflect new additions / modifications.


Web Content Management Replacement Project and RFP underway; CMS requirements determined, RFP scores added. Review by Project Team and Steve Terry.

Web application migration

Web Services's migration of applications previously hosted on umwa to Linux Apache on umwa servers approximately ⅔ complete. Next migration of  applications scheduled for Sunday, 13, 2011. Applications to be move include:

  • Faculty Handbook
  • ALEKS Data Extraction
  • Facutly/Staff CV
  • SETE Data
  • SETE Progress
  • SETE Question Administration
  • SETE Reports
  • Responsible Conduct of Research
  • FERPA Tutorial
  • Graduation Student Information News Release
  • Intent to Graduate Form

Request users to examine and check for issues with these applications. Send any issues to Web Services.

Other items:

Reiterate e-mail notification sent to Faculty and Staff titled UofM Faculty and Staff Role in Reducing Identify Theft. To assist with finding issues involving Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in Public locations of computers at U of M, Karen has supplied a download location for a tool developed by Virginia Tech called FindSSN. This is now available for download and use from UMwiki; see Scanning tool - FIND_SSN. Windows and Linux / Unix versions available.