WebDev Meeting Minutes for December 15, 2011

LCMS will be deprecated next Friday, December 23, 2011. LCMS will no longer be available; logins, updates, managing content, etc.

OU Campus Discussions/Observations: Issues, observations, oddities discussed. Specifics include:

  • Some sites/pages don't include the login hyperlink to OU Campus; see University of Memphis Magazine site. Review and discussion entailed and is being reviewed by Web Services.
  • Initial ROR scripts for a few sites under re-development and re-deployment. If you need assistance with ROR scripting, please contact CMS Support for assistance.
  • Some pages contain incorrect template/layout. This is usually noticeable by viewing a page and noticing oddities pertaining to how the page is laid out; i.e. page appears wider than expected, component areas contain no content or should contain content but won't display it. This issue only affects a few pages and can be remedied by Administrative users. Please contact CMS Support if you need assistance.
  • Folder/File naming convention applied - Folders and filenames in OU Campus set to include characters of "a-z, 0-9, -, _". Uppercase, camel-case, "odd" keyboard characters will not be accepted when creating/maintaining folders and filenames in OU Campus.
  • During migration of data, the new folder/file naming convention was applied. As a result, broken hyperlinks were noticed by users. OU Campus will not apply a hyperlink to folders/files that contain uppercase characters and other characters not contained in the new file naming convention. If users notice broken hyperlinks and this appears to be the cause, please contact CMS Support for assistance. This issue can be fixed by renaming folders and/or files applying the new naming convention. Broken hyperlinks may need to be reapplied.
  • Templates/layouts icons will need to be applied to OU Campus. Numeric layouts will be replaced with iconic representations.
  • User(s) permissions
  • Incorrect component(s) applied for various sites. Some sites require "re-mapping" of incorrect component areas of a page. Please contact CMS Support for assistance.