WebDev Meeting Minutes for November 14, 2012

The Web Developers meeting will be today at 1:30 in SC315.

Agenda items include:

  1. IBM Rational Policy Tester
  2. Website redesign update

Hope to see you there!

Karen Bell

IBM Rational Policy Tester

Product used for scanning files/webpages, etc. for sensitive, PII/PCI information, ADA compliancy, broken web links, etc. at the University. With new requirements coming into play, ITD is re-investigating whether this or other tools meets the new and current needs. One new tool, Identify Finder, is being tested and looks promising.  

Website redesign update

Further fine-tuning of the new redesign are being tested, tuned, etc. One concern that is being investigated is defining and/or reassembling ideas for the current "right-column" area of most UoM pages. Ideas consist of using JSON for incorporating dynamic content.

Migration timeframe approximate for UofM pages to be incorporating the new design for early January 2013. Spring 2013 is set for Colleges and Schools. Then Recruitment sometime in Summer 2013. After these, Academic departments, administrative departments, et al.