WebDev Meeting Minutes for March 13, 2013

The Web Developers meeting will be held tomorrow at 1:30 in SC315. Here are the agenda items:

Hope to see you there.

Karen Bell

New "fantasy" mock-up available

Printed "fantasy" mock-up passed around to attending members. Questions, ideas, and discussions pertaining to the new design ensued. Timeframe of applying new design to sub-sites to follow the general pattern below:

  1. Currently, colleges and schools,
  2. Summer, recruitment-related sites; Admissions, etc.,
  3. Fall, Academic Departments,
  4. Generally, sub-sites remaining. 

Prior to sub-sites moving to the new design, reviewing content; archiving old pages, and bringing in new ideas suggested and encouraged. If you would like assistance with web site organization, assistance welcome via Marketing Web group.

Newly-discovered degree program funnel

Research involving Google Analytics, findings say that U of M web clients are navigating towards the newly revised U of M Academics web site where information pertaining to Undergraduate and Graduate degrees and programs can be found.

For description about funnel, read Google Support's article entitled About Goals.

Using the HelpDesk system to submit tickets

Help and assistance with web-related requests, clients are encouraged to submit a help desk ticket through UMhelpdesk. For most web-related help desk tickets, please navigate via the Web Technology / OU Campus menu items, then select categories accordingly.

New mobile platform

Recently signed 3-year contract with Straxis to incorporate their U360mobile product to deliver mobile technology for U of M. Expected roll-out set for Fall, 2013.

Identity Finder and PCI requirements

With a deadline of March 31, 2013, computing equipment that process, stores or transmits credit card information at the U of M will be subject to and scanned for Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard Compliance. U of M's Business and Finance heading this initiative, collaboratively with Information Technology Division, purchased Identity Finder to fulfill these requirements. See PCI Compliance Guide for specifics.

Other Items

U of M is working with Google Maps to incorporate Indoor Mapping and apply it to maps.google.com. This is Step 1 of a project which will display building information about the U of M on maps.google.com. Step 2 initiative to ensue, involves Way-Finding the U of M Campus, which will offer navigational directions for users to and from many locations around campus.