WebDev Meeting Minutes for September 11, 2013

The Web Developers group will meet tomorrow (9/11) at 1:30 in SC315.  The agenda will include: 

Darla would like the majority of the meeting to be a Q&A session with the group asking questions of her.  If you would like to submit a question in advance – her email is darkeel@memphis.edu.  It is not necessary to submit your question(s) ahead of time but doing so will allow Darla to give a thoughtful response.

Introductions by each attendee.

Update on the OU Campus Version 10 timeline

Login to the OCN to view OU Campus v10 Release Information for further information.

New university mobile app

New university mobile application available; visit UofMemphis Mobile Application Information to download from Apple Store or Google Play.

Meet the new University Webmaster - Darla Fletcher

Introductions from the new University webmaster made. U of M web site specifics discussed; plans for the future, ideas, improvements, changes, etc. expressed by WebDev members. Questions and answers session ensued.