WebDev Meeting Minutes for December 11, 2013

We will meet today at 1:30PM in SC315.  The agenda includes:

Please come prepared to discuss good meetings times for you.  If you are not able to attend and have energy on when we meet, please respond to this email – just to me – no need to reply-all.

Update on web site redesign and schedule

Codes and designs have been delivered to Web Services from Marketing Web group. Secondary U of M pages soon to be worked on prior to holiday break. In and around January for U of M main web site should be public for the new design. February - March, expectations for Tier 1 sites to migrate to new design.

Marketing Web group working on navigation ideas, components, assets, scrolling windows, etc... Also, research for new course "look-up" and/or re-design.

New student worker for Marketing to research/develop approach ideas for students; "What can I do with my degree?"

Experts List - researching to improve and/or updating.

Also, developing mobile version of the new design.

Q. OU Campus upgrade; update?
A. May be next year for this. Currently V10 in beta test. FYI, OU Campus conference in early March of this year.

Q. What pages are considered the U of M "secondary" pages?
A. Pages linking from the U of M home page; navigation consisting of: 


Q. What to do about deparmtental, etc. sites that aren't in OU Campus yet?
A. Contact Marketing to address concerns.

Q. Where is the new design?
A. UMwiki (login credentials required)

Q. What about other design considerations for non-academic areas?
A. Marketing Web will research and look into this.

More development for the center area of the page; large image, smaller image, dynamically generated, different sizes, panels, etc.

Q. Anyone with any issues, concerns, ideas with regard to U of M Web?
A. Contact Darla in Marketing. Also helpful, visit U of M Policies UM1672 - University Websites for guidance. Other ideas; design, mobile, current mobile ideas, templates, assets, etc...

Calendar system update/(EMS) - issues discussed; training, improvements, will include major upgrade. Should allow for RSS content for web pages to include events associated with their areas.

Change of the Web Developers meeting time

New WebDev Meeting schedule discussed and agreed on. Meetings will be held the third Thursday of each month at 1:30p.m. New meeting time frame will begin in January, 2014.