WebDev Meeting Minutes for February 20, 2014

Please try to attend the Web Developers meeting today at 2:30 in SC 315. We will go over:

  1. the new web site design and
  2. plans to update the other 400+ sites with the new design.

Please note to change in time,

Hope to see you then!

Karen Bell

 New web site design

Launch of new responsive design completed for the time frame "go live" date of February 1, 2014. Reactions and responses overall positive. Next steps will be to roll this out to other sites and/or sub-sites; colleges, departments, etc.

 Plans to update the other 400+ sites with new design

Meetings by Marketing to various areas of interested areas begun. Topics of interests and discussions include developing a common language, common navigation, recommendations addressed, especially commonality amongst various areas; departments, colleges, other interest groups, etc. Looking also to developing commonalities among page content areas; i.e. colleges should have similar and common content; for example, mission statements, etc.

First round of sites to incorporate the new design will primarily focus on landing pages; i.e. the most important links of a given sub-site.

Note with regard to site content. Departmental and academics sites should, when reviewing and updating content, concentrate focus on their strengths, priorities, achievements, etc. There should be no need or desire to "duplicate" U of M content.