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The University has recently received a large number of formal complaints regarding use of the University's network to download or upload copyrighted materials, including copyrighted films and software. The University is required to take these complaints very seriously, and to take steps to address any infringing activity. Failure to do so can potentially result in liability for the University itself. Additionally, any person using his or her University on-line access privileges to engage in the downloading, uploading, or other unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials is potentially at risk of becoming the target of a legal action for copyright infringement, in addition to any University imposed sanctions.

When the University receives a complaint that implicates a student account, the student is immediately referred to the University's Office of Student Conduct for disciplinary action under the "Student Code of Conduct". Disciplinary sanctions imposed for a first offense will include a requirement that the infringing material be removed and not further distributed, as well as educational projects and probation. A second complaint involving the same on-line access account may result in even more serious sanctions, up to and including long-term termination of on-line access privileges and suspension from the University.

Please use your University on-line access privileges responsibly. Remember, copyright infringement is illegal and can result in serious civil and criminal sanctions, as well as serious University disciplinary sanctions.

See also: Web Governance

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