Student Success Stories

The University of Memphis has approximately 20,000 students who come from almost every state and more than 80 foreign countries. Whether you live on campus or off, there is a way for you to get involved in University life.

The Kemmons Wilson School offers a strong undergraduate program culminating in a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. Our program is geared to offer students a blend of technical and managerial skills, which will enable them to pursue a wide range of careers in the hospitality industry. A decision to come to the University of Memphis for higher education will enable you to develop an in-depth understanding of today's challenging and ever-changing business environment.


"Hospitality & Resort Management seemed like an industry that would never bore me. There are a variety of opportunities available, so I can move around and try new things. The program has challenged me to think about hospitality within a global sphere and has encouraged me to explore international internships and study abroad options."

Whitney Beach, Spring 2019




"Studying Hospitality and Resort Management is unique because you're emerged in the field while taking classes. There aren't many hospitality schools where you are given this opportunity. I selected this minor because I wanted to gain as much real world experience as possible. It will open doors in my professional career that my major wouldn't be able to provide."

Madison Slover, Spring 2018


"The Kemmons   Wilson School is really a team environment, which is great because meeting and helping people is what drew me here in the first place. The service industry, at its core, is about solving people's problems, and my classes teach me how to do that. My ultimate goal is to manage a private club. Thanks to my education and experiences here, I think I'll be able to achieve that."

 Eric Wilson Eric Wilson

"Our professors are the heart of the entire school. They exhibit a passion for the industry and their students that is unsurpassed. What I've learned in their classes has helped me get promoted from a receptionist to a spa manager in just two years. Combining that with hands-on experience in everything from detailed event planning to menu design to market analysis to mentor shadowing makes me confident I've got a bright future in a growing industry!"

-   A. Camil Elder - Camil Elder

"I was able to help start 'Chew and Chat,' a program where industry leaders join the students for lunch to talk about their careers and give advice. It's just part of the networking that is essential for finding jobs. In the industry, the Kemmons Wilson name brings instant credibility to our school. I can say, 'this is where I'm from, this is where I got my education,' and that makes me more marketable."

-   Philip Haley - Phillip Haley