Hospitality and Resort Management Minor Sequence



HPRM 1050 - Business of Hospitality (3) Varied aspects of lodging, food service, clubs, cruise lines, natural attractions, man-made attraction, transportation, infrastructure; retail businesses; sports; special events and activities;outfitters, tour operators, travel management; destination marketing organizations.

HPRM 2050 - Food Production and Service (4) Theory, application and understanding of safe food production methods and terminology; culinary hand tools and equipment operation including knife usage; principles and applied fundamentals of property service techniques and beverage handling. PREREQUISITE: HPRM 1050.

HPRM 2330 - Managing Hotel/Resort Ops (3) Management of critical resources for running hotel and resort operation in effective and efficient manner; customer services, service quality, and service delivery.

HPRM 4320 - Hospitality Services Marketing (3) Principles and models of services marketing with focus on applications to hospitality services industry; expansion of traditional marketing mix variables into additional development of hospitality service concepts, marketing plans, and service quality assessments. Permit required.

HPRM 4620 - Hospitality Operational Analysis (3) Management tools in analyzing operational effectiveness of hotels and resorts. PREREQUISITE:HPRM 2330.

HPRM 4700 - Integrative Challenge (3) Capstone course integrating academic and experiential learning through service learning projects building on leadership skills. This course is to be taken last. Permit required.