About the Major and Minor in Italian

The Italian program at the University of Memphis offers a major and a minor in Italian with beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses in Italian language and literature, as well as courses in English on topics such as Italian Cinema and Dante. In language courses, the communicative approach is employed, and classroom instruction is complemented by audio-visual media. We regularly view beautiful slides of Italy and we even make Italian films!

Requirements for the major:

24 upper division semester hours (8 courses).

Requirements for the minor:

a total of 18 semester hours (6 courses): ITAL 1020, 2010, and 2020 (or their equivalents); and 9 upper division semester hours (3 courses) in the Italian program.

Italian can also be one of the concentrations in the B.A. in World Languages.

Requirements for a two-language concentration: 27 upper division semester hours (9 courses) with a minimum of 9 semester hours in each language. Requirements for a three-language concentration: at least 33 upper division semester hours (11 courses) to include at least 12 semester hours in each of two languages plus approved course work in a third language.

To inquire about the Italian program, contact Dr. C. Gaudenzi at cgaudenz@memphis.edu