Japanese Major

A Major in World Language (Japanese concentration) consists of twenty-four hours (eight courses) at the upper-division level (3000 level or above). There are three possible concentrations: 1) concentration in Japanese; 2) a two-language concentration, combining Japanese with one other language taught in the department*; 3) a three-language concentration: Japanese and two other languages taught in the department.*  To declare Japanese Major, please go to Scates Room 107.

The following upper-division level Japanese courses are offered:

JAPN 3301 - Conversation/Composition I (3)
PREREQUISITE: JAPN 2020, or equivalent.

JAPN 3302 - Conversation/Composition II (3)
PREREQUISITE: JAPN 3301, or equivalent.

JAPN 3401 - Intro to Japanese Literature (3)
Japanese literature and culture through a selection of important literary works written since 1900. PREREQUISITE: JAPN 3301, or equivalent.

JAPN 3402 - Readings/JAPN Culture (3)
Continued development of cultural competencies and language skills for professional purposes through a wide range of primary reading materials such as newspaper articles, comic books, biographies, and essays. PREREQUISITE: JAPN 3301 or permission of instructor.

JAPN 3900 - Japan Culture/Society (3-6)
Intensive language and culture course; travel to Japanese speaking country required. PREREQUISITE: permission of study abroad director.

JAPN 4401 - Advanced Japanese I (3)
Advanced development of language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) and cultural knowledge. PREREQUISITE: JAPN 3302 or permission of instructor.

JAPN 4402 - Advanced Japanese II (3)
Continuation of JAPN 4401. Further development of advanced language and cultural skills. PREREQUISITE: JAPN 4401 or permission of instructor.

JAPN 4501 - Japanese Linguistics (3)
Theory and hands-on data analysis in various aspects of Japanese linguistics, including syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. PREREQUISITE: JAPN 3301, 3302, or permission of instructor.

Japanese 4701/4702 - Japanese for Professional Purposes (3)
Focusing on the acquisition of communication skills and socio-cultural knowledge that are necessary to handle formal and professional situations in a Japanese speaking environment. PREREQUISITE: JAPN 3302 or permission from instructor. 

JAPN 4780 - Individual Study in Japanese (3)
Directed individual study in selected area of Japanese chosen in consultation with instructor. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours credit. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.


*Other languages available for the concentration taught at The University of Memphis: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.