What can I do with a Women's Study Minor?

As the number of women in business and political roles rises, graduates of women's studies are valued by employers for their insight on a wide range of issues and their ability to provide quality leadership in many different areas.

Occupation Mean Salary

Community Welfare Worker $29,880.00
Conciliator $63,250.00
Copy Writer $64,560.00
Counseling Psychologist $72,310.00
Educational Administrator $95,340.00
Elementary School Administrator $87,390.00
Employee Training Instructor $55,310.00
Equal Opportunity Representative $55,100.00
Family Caseworker $48,340.00
Health Case Manager $41,350.00
Health Educator $49,060.00
Historian $56,350.00
Hospital Administrator $90,970.00
Instructional Coordinator $61,270.00
Labor Relations Adviser $59,070.00
Librarian $55,670.00
Market Research Analyst $67,500.00
Marketing Manager $120,070.00
Middle School Administrator $87,390.00
Occupational Therapist $70,680.00
Personnel Administrator $89,950.00
Preschool Administrator $48,170.00
Public Health Service Officer $167,280.00
Public Relations Manager $101,850.00
Public Relations Specialist $59,370.00
Religious Institution Education Coordinator $40,770.00
Social and Community Service Manager $61,250.00
Social Psychologist $84,220.00
Social Welfare Administrator $61,240.00
Social Worker $40,770.00
Sociologist $76,190.00
Student Admissions Administrator $95,340.00
Student Affairs Administrator $95,340.00
Writer/Author $64,560.00

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