College Radio Day

WUMR Participates in "College Radio Day" in October

For Release: September 28, 2017
For more information, contact: College Radio Day (800) 464-0950

College Radio DayWUMR "The Jazz Lover" U92 FM participates in "College Radio Day." This all-day special event takes place on Friday, October 6th, 2017. It will be a day that college radio stations across North America will unite. Over 240 stations affiliated with colleges and high schools will become a part of this celebration.

U92 "The Jazz Lover" usually hosts a remote broadcast outside of the Theatre Building on the University of Memphis campus on "College Radio Day." The event typically starts at 10 a.m. and lasts until 2 p.m. Both WUMR personalities and staff plan to be present and will provide programming throughout the day. Students and "Jazz Lovers" are encouraged to stop by the booth and tune to the broadcast.

In the beginning, the original idea for "College Radio Day" was conceived and founded in December 2010 by general managers Rob Quicke (WPSC FM) and Peter Kreten (WXAV FM). The mission of "College Radio Day" is to promote awareness to college radio listeners living on the North American continent and celebrate the importance of contribution of college radio to the airwaves.

The purpose of "College Radio Day" is to encourage people who don't listen to college radio to do so on this day and hope to make them regular listeners. "College Radio Day's" organizers believe that it is one of the last remaining forms of creative radio programming that is commercial-free, and have a place where people are passionately involved. College radio is the only free medium that still plays unsigned, local, and independent artists. In fact, there are famous and successful bands today that owe their start to airtime on college radio stations. To put it like this, college radio is an essential asset to the ever, changing media landscape, given its unique programming.

It is hoped that "College Radio Day" can also be used for raising funds for stations that participate, and will benefit from the extra attention. Being a participant is free for all North American college and high school radio stations that are on AM/FM dial or streaming online. For one day, college broadcasters can lift the national profile of college radio together.

"College Radio Day" is a not-for-profit organization and is not owned by any other organization or corporation. It is entirely organized by volunteer staff members from the many college radio stations throughout North America. This day is organized by passionate people who fuel this event.

It's a day of celebration. It's a day of live music and special interviews. It's the day stations and listeners come together.

The benefits for WUMR and other stations participating on "College Radio Day" are as follows:

1. The "College Radio Day" organization will provide professional sweepers/imaging for on-air play and graphics, banners and logos for all radio stations that participate. This will ensure nationwide consistency in the branding of the day.

2. "College Radio Day" will provide items and prizes for station participants to give away on the day (for example, some autographed and rare/unique items from popular music artists) and to assist in boosting listenership and fundraising efforts by individual stations.

3. Stations who participate will air optional 'news' audio bulletins throughout the day giving information and updates on participating stations, their programming and fundraising efforts as well as and other activities. This provides national exposure for participating college radio stations and reinforces the feeling of national unity throughout the day.

4. Participating radio stations are encouraged to gather and share, when opportunity allows, specially recorded IDS and liners for "College Radio Day" use on other participating radio stations throughout the country. For example, "Hi, this is Chris Martin from Coldplay, and you are listening to College Radio Day." If one station lands a great band liner or ID, everyone does. It's time to harness collective resources and connections!