Video Game Brings Back Old-School Jazz

For Release: November 9, 2017
For more information, visit: Studio MDHR

CupheadMost Jazz Lovers may not play video games, but there are some that may put in a cartridge or disk into their consoles and enjoy a bit of escapism. It would not be a stretch to say that "gamers" might appreciate the music more than graphics.

On September 29th, 2017 an independent game developer called Studio MDHR released "Cuphead" on Xbox One systems and PC. It is a game that bears a striking visual resemblance to many cartoons of the 1930s. The animation is something that will bring images of classic Disney or Max Fleischer toons.

However, there is another level of nostalgia if one listens for it. "Cuphead's" soundtrack is produced in such a way that gives this game that classic cartoon vibe with it ragtime and bebop beats.

The music is composed by Canadian Kristofer Maddigan, who is also a drummer and percussionist. He is a member of the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra and has performed with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Maddigan has collaborated with jazz artists residing in Toronto.

Each song in Cuphead is played by is a 13-piece big band, 10-piece ragtime ensemble, a pianist, vocalist, and tap dancer. The soundtrack contains about 3 hours of original compositions that all sound like classic jazz, big band, and ragtime.

To listen to clips of Cuphead's music or to download the album, Jazz Lovers can go to Studio MDHR's website.