Feature CD of the Week

Feature CD Of The Week: Dave Tull's "Texting and Driving"

For Release: March 18, 2018
Review by Malvin Massey, Jr., 3/18/2018

Feature CD of the Week

The Feature CD of the Week is from an artist that is not familiar, but has credentials that span a host of genres and artists. He is a veteran drummer, singer, composer, and arranger Dave Tull, and the title of his album is Texting and Driving.

There's not much to write about his personal life, but suffice it say that Dave Tull is well traveled. He was drummer for Chuck Mangione for 10 years, and accompanied Barbara Streisand on three of her most recent tours.

This is his second CD and it is a masterpiece of different tempos and messages. It is also a throwback to the days when lyrics were important to enjoying a song.

Listeners will get a kick out of the clever lyrics and smart arrangements on this album. It is filled with great musicians and the sound is fabulous.