Feature CD of the Week

Feature CD Of The Week: Andrea Brachfeld's "If Not Now, When?"

For Release: July 15, 2018
Review by Malvin Massey, Jr., 7/15/2018

Feature CD of the Week

The Feature CD of the Week is from jazz flautist Andrea Brachfeld and it is titled If Not Now, When?

This is an album that Andrea put a lot of thought into according to her liner notes. She mentions that she discovered that the jazz audience is interested in what inspired a musician to write a certain piece of music.

Brachfeld says that this music came to her on a cold January day in 2017. Every aspect of the music on this disk evolved quickly, purposefully and with a deep sense of synchronicity.

Andrea has been around the jazz scene for many years. She started her professional career in the 70's after studying under Hubert Laws, Jimmy Heath, George Coleman, and Mike Longo. She was just 16 years old.

Since then the jazz musician has gone on to perform with a myriad of great jazz artists and groups. She has won awards for her music composition skills.

On this album, she has enlisted the help of musicians that she has performed with over the years who have a certain camaraderie with her and know her musical style. There is Harvie S on bass, Bill O'Connell on piano, and Jason Tiemann on drums.

All compositions on this CD are by Andrea. It is a continuum of skillful playing and thoughtful melodies that are a delight to hear.