Jazz 20 Countdown

When you want to find out more about the tunes that are hot in today's jazz, WUMR's Jazz 20 Countdown is the show for you.

The weekly program expands the horizons of jazz lovers by featuring a Top Twenty Countdown every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with Nick Hoffman. The Jazz 20 Countdown is compiled from leading industry resources and listener requests.

JAZZ 20 COUNTDOWN: December 10th thru December 16th, 2017
20 Jeff Rupert/Veronica Swift: Let's Sail Away
19 Deborah Swinney: I Remember Rio
18 Bill Cunliffe: BACHanalia
17 Michael Townsend: Warm Feelings
16 Joey Alexander: Joey, Monk, Live!
15 Eric Wyatt: Look To The Sky
14 Caesar Frazier: Instinct
13 Ben Tankard: CanTANKerous
12 Christian McBride: Bringin' It
11 Richie Cole: Latin Lover
10 Verve Jazz Ensemble: Swing-A-Nova
9 Dee Dee Bridgewater: Memphis...Yes, I'm Ready
8 Boney James: Honestly
7 Groove Frequencies: In The Groove
6 Houston Person: Rain Or Shine
5 Gregory Porter: Nat King Cole & Me
4 Ella Fitzgerald: Someone To Watch Over Me
3 Freeworld: What It Is?
2 Euge Groove: Groove On
1 Kayla Waters: Apogee