Jessica Stevens

Jessica StevensJessica "Jolly" Stevens is a recent graduate from the University of Memphis and DJ for the "Jazz Lover." She graduated with a degree in communications with a focus on public speaking and even spent a semester in Florence, Italy working on public relations.

When asked how she got into radio she responds with this story: "When I was younger I would set the radio to turn on as my alarm and then I would listen to it in the morning as I got ready for school. I would listen to the morning DJ's and I was fascinated by them. They would talk about music, silly things, important things and people LISTENED to them and actually heard what they had to say. I'll be honest that the idea of speaking and actually being HEARD was more interesting to me than playing music... but because of that, I think I enjoy and relate to a wide variety of music and not just a specific genre. So even though I didn't know a lot about Jazz when I first started working here it has definitely expanded my knowledge."

Not a native to the Home of the Blues she has lived here for the past 5 years and is currently surviving in the restaurant field but wants to pursue a professional career in Radio.