Provost's Office Staff


Jan Brownlee

Assistant Vice Provost
Email: jbrownle@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.5036

Sophia Dorsey

Academic Services Specialist
Email: Sophia.Dorsey@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.5443

Dean Franklin

Assistant Director of Academic Affairs Finance
Email: kfrankln@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.4799

Helen Johnson

Coordinator of Academic Affairs Initiatives and Operations
Email: hjohnson@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.5928

Sheila Mathis

Academic Services Specialist
Email: ssmathis@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.3544

Vanessa Muldrow

Director of Commencement and Academic Special Affairs
Email: vmuldrow@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.5547

Dr. Thomas Nenon

Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Email: provost@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2119

Ora Taylor-Strowder

Director of Academic Affairs Finance
Email: otaylor@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.5796