Academic Affairs Award Nominations

The Office of the Provost is pleased to offer several Academic Affairs Awards to recognize the hard work and dedication of the University's staff.  The awards available are:

Peer Recognition Award
Provost's Star Award

Award details

Peer Recognition Award

The Peer Recognition Awards program has been established in order to encourage departmental unity. This program provides an opportunity for employees to recognize each other for outstanding service. This is a very special award – an award given by a peer to a peer. Peer recognition is not a nomination process – it is an awarding process. Individuals may award others from within or outside their department – as long as both individuals are part of Academic Affairs and have at least one year of regular service with the University. Employees may present four Peer Awards, per semester. Employees may not award two Peer Awards to the same individual within an awarding year. Nominations for the Peer Recognition Award are accepted throughout the year. However, a call for participation will periodically be distributed to all staff in Academic Affairs. All employees within the Academic Affairs Division are eligible to participate in the Peer Recognition Awards program, both as presenters and recipients. Recipients should be recognized for outstanding student, staff, departmental, or university service. The awards will be presented on an ongoing basis. All individuals receiving this will also be recognized during the Awards Ceremony. The recipient of this award will receive a certificate of recognition and the three recipients with the highest number (two or more) of peer recognition at the end of the awarding year will be eligible for the pool of nominations for the Provost's Star Award. In the event of a tie, all recipients who qualify (i.e. have at least two nominations) will be eligible for the pool of nominations for the Provost's Star Award. Those awarding are strongly encouraged to also present the recipient with a small token of appreciation (i.e. lunch, candy, fruit basket, special card, etc.). Click here to present an award.

Provost's Star Award

The purpose of the Provost's Star Award is to recognize an individual for outstanding contributions toward achieving the mission of areas under the Provost's structure. The recipient of the Provost's Star Award will be selected from a pool of nominees. An employee can receive this award once every three years.

The Academic Affairs Awards Committee will select the winner of this award for the academic year. When determining the Provost's Star Award, the Academic Affairs Awards Committee will consider the following criteria:
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proven ability to cooperate and work as a team player
  • Provided outstanding customer service
  • Demonstrated effective leadership skills
  • Maintained high standards for day-to-day tasks
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently
  • Provided timely and effective services
  • Demonstrated willingness to go the extra step to provide services
  • Created an environment that provides a sense of confidence that the office is concerned, accurate, and responsive to their students' needs

This award will be presented during the Awards Ceremony. The recipient will receive an award and a $200 monetary gift.