Why UofM is the Place for Me.


Madelyn McKissack

In my search for a college, I wanted to find a university that matched my values of empathy, service, intellect and interpersonal growth. I'm so glad that I found these qualities and more at the UofM where I've been continuously pushed to be a better person, employee, and student every day.

What I love about the UofM is that it allows every type of individual to find what they're most passionate about and experience new opportunities. It's a safe haven and home for several types of backgrounds and identities. Additionally, it's a place of diversity and inclusion which I felt most through my first experience at Frosh Camp, a four-day extended orientation program that connects students with peers and older mentors. I've also been blessed with the chance to give back the same amazing experience that I received to incoming freshmen while serving as a Frosh Camp counselor for the past two years.

In efforts to gain more service experience, I've worked with organizations like the Civic Engagement Board and Best Buddies. My most current endeavor has been with Tiger Elite, an organization that allows me to help recruit prospective undergraduate students to the UofM. I've also taken advantage of other involvement opportunities within Greek life, Up 'Till Dawn and Involvement Ambassadors.
Ultimately, at the UofM, you get out what you put in, as with anything. And I'm fortunate of being able to give to a university that has given so much to me. I feel no doubt that Memphis is where I'm supposed to be.